Woment LED Wall Lights

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Fixture Specifications
Housing Material Extruded Aluminium
Diffuser Material Polycarbonate
Surface Finish Powder Coated
Driver Type External
Electrical Specifications
Input Voltage (VAC) 150 - 270 VAC
Total Harmonic Distorsion Upto 10%
Input Frequency 50 to 60 Hz
Power Factor 0.95 +
Driver Efficiency Upto 80%
Environmental Specification
Working Temperature 0 to 40 C
Vibrations 1G
General Specifications
Mounting Type Surface
Limited Warranty 2 Years
Lighting Source Type SMD LED
Performance Specifications
Colour rendering index (CRI) 80+
Start up time Instant
Efficacy (Lm / W) 100+
Safety Features
Ingress Protection IP44
Surge Protection Upto 2KV
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Open Circuit Protection Yes
Mechanical Specifications
Luminaire Dimension (L X W X H) 70mm X 11mm
Model Name Model No
Woment 6W/F Grey 4000K - 5000K HUB-WOMENT-6W/F-GR-4050K
Woment 10W/F Black 2700K - 3200K HUB-WOMENT-10W/F-BL-2732K
Woment 2W/F Grey 4000K - 5000K HUB-WOMENT-2W/F-GR-4050K
Woment 6W/F White 2700K - 3200K HUB-WOMENT-6W/F-WH-2732K
Woment 10W/F White 6000K - 6500K HUB-WOMENT-10W/F-WH-6050K
Woment 6W/F Black 6000K - 6500K HUB-WOMENT-6W/F-BL-6050K
Woment 10W/F Grey 6000K - 6500K HUB-WOMENT-10W/F-GR-6050K
Woment 2W/F Black 2700K - 3200K HUB-WOMENT-2W/F-BL-2732K
Woment 10W/F Grey 4000K - 5000K HUB-WOMENT-10W/F-GR-4050K
Woment 10W/F Grey 2700K - 3200K HUB-WOMENT-10W/F-GR-2732K
Woment 6W/F Grey 6000K - 6500K HUB-WOMENT-6W/F-GR-6050K
Woment 2W/F Grey 6000K - 6500K HUB-WOMENT-2W/F-GR-6050K
Woment 6W/F Black 2700K - 3200K HUB-WOMENT-6W/F-BL-2732K
Woment 2W/F Grey 2700K - 3200K HUB-WOMENT-2W/F-GR-2732K
Woment 10W/F Black 6000K - 6500K HUB-WOMENT-10W/F-BL-6050K
Woment 2W/F White 4000K - 5000K HUB-WOMENT-2W/F-WH-4050K
Woment 2W/F White 2700K - 3200K HUB-WOMENT-2W/F-WH-2732K
Woment 2W/F White 6000K - 6500K HUB-WOMENT-2W/F-WH-6050K
Woment 6W/F White 4000K - 5000K HUB-WOMENT-6W/F-WH-4050K
Woment 6W/F White 6000K - 6500K HUB-WOMENT-6W/F-WH-6050K
Woment 10W/F Black 4000K - 5000K HUB-WOMENT-10W/F-BL-4050K
Woment 6W/F Grey 2700K - 3200K HUB-WOMENT-6W/F-GR-2732K
Woment 2W/F Black 6000K - 6500K HUB-WOMENT-2W/F-BL-6050K
Woment 10W/F White 4000K - 5000K HUB-WOMENT-10W/F-WH-4050K
Woment 6W/F Black 4000K - 5000K HUB-WOMENT-6W/F-BL-4050K
Woment 10W/F White 2700K - 3200K HUB-WOMENT-10W/F-WH-2732K
Woment 2W/F Black 4000K - 5000K HUB-WOMENT-2W/F-BL-4050K


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